District Reports

TNTP conducted in-depth analyses of the human capital policies and practices of each school district that participated in The Widget Effect research. These reports will become available throughout 2009.
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El Dorado Public Schools

To raise student achievement, El Dorado Public Schools must consistently evaluate all teachers based on student learning outcomes, provide all teachers with the feedback they need to do their best work, and formally address poor performance in the classroom. Findings include:

  • EPS’ current evaluation process does not provide teachers—particularly those in need of remediation—with the support they need to develop and improve their instructional practice.
  • The evaluation process does not provide all teachers with a formal performance rating. As a result, poor performance goes unaddressed.
  • Principals report that an inadequate applicant pool and delayed hiring timelines make it difficult for EPS to recruit and hire high-quality new teachers.
  • Although EPS tries to fill many teacher vacancies through the best practice of “mutual consent,” this effort is undermined when principals use the transfer process to move poor performers out of their schools.