If teachers are so important,
why do we treat them like widgets?

Effective teachers are the key to student success. Yet our school systems treat all teachers as interchangeable parts, not professionals. Excellence goes unrecognized and poor performance goes unaddressed. This indifference to performance disrespects teachers and gambles with students’ lives.

Advisory Panel Responses

“I believe that teachers who are truly interested in the betterment of their profession are also interested in the creation of a performance evaluation system that measures their individual effectiveness and their growth as professionals.”

Aurora Public Schools


Teacher Evaluation 2.0: Six Design Standards
October 2010
Teacher evaluations are broken. So how can we fix them? This guide proposes six design standards for a rigorous and fair evaluation system. It offers states and school districts a blueprint for better evaluations that can help every teacher thrive in the classroom—and give every student the best chance at success.

The New Teacher Project